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Battles Stations, Battle Stations! Miniatures Rules

by Decision Games

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With Battle Stations, Battle Stations! players take the rolls of historic admirals to command entire fleets of ships. As a fleet commander you must work within the limitations of your ships and be guided by the strategic necessities of your nation. The streamlined and intuitive game system is player friendly; it allows players to concentrate on tactics rather than minutia. Specifically designed for 1/2400 scale miniatures, players using a larger scale can easily modify ranges; smaller scales need no modification.

To avoid bookkeeping, players utilize markers to track each ship's damage, speed, torpedoes fired, aircraft, and submarine depth levels. Players place markers on the ship stands or the ships themselves to eliminate the necessity of bookkeeping.

Battle Stations, Battle Stations! simulates major fleet actions in the Second World War. The number of ships that can be engaged is only limited by your imagination.

Ship statistics are included for eight nations: Britain, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, the Netherlands, the Soviet Union and the United States. Battle Stations! statistics include: battleships, battle cruisers, aircraft carriers, heavy and light cruisers, destroyers, destroyer escorts, submarines, motor torpedo boats and aircraft. All the major combatants are there and you can bring them to battle.

The swiftness of the combat resolution ensures a game of 30 ships will take no longer than three hours. With each ship generating about five minutes of game play, you can create scenarios to fit your schedule. The intense game system keeps you focused on the battle; you experience the elation of victory or the frustration of defeat.

Morale rules take into account the national will and leadership of the fleets engaged, doing away with the unhistoric fight to the last mentality often seen in other ship simulations. With each nation having its own level of commitment, as fleet admiral you must excel at the strategy that best suits your country.

Players agree: if you like naval combat, you will enjoy Battle Stations, Battle Stations! If you've never liked naval miniatures due to time wastage and bookkeeping, then you will find Battle Stations, Battle Stations! a refreshing change.

Contents: 80 page rules book, player aid cards, 120 die cut markers

Scenarios include:

River Plate, 13 December 1939
Montevideo, 17 December 1939
Punta Stilo, 9 July 1940
Cape Spartivento, 27 November 1940
Sinking of the Hood, 24 May 1941
Sinking of the Bismarck, 24 May 1941
Java Sea , 27 February 1942
Cape Esperance, 11 October 1942
Guadalcanal, 13 November 1942
The Komandorski Islands, 26 March 1943
Surigao Strait, 25 October 1944

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